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How We Optimized One of Our Client’s Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile

Our Client’s Google Business Profile

Many business owners are aware of the importance of Google Business Profile (Google My Business) for business growth and sustainability. But unfortunately, they struggle in optimizing their Business Profile for better visibility. Just because they are unaware of how to utilize the tool effectively. And so they hire professionals for the job of optimizing their Business Profiles for the sake of business prosperity.

In this article, we are going to share with you our recent experience with one of our clients. And how we helped his Google My Business (GMB) profile to achieve enhanced google ranking and better visibility.


Our client is a small businessman who owns a jewelry store named Golden Nugget Jewelry in New York City, USA. To compete with the big fishes in the jewelry market. He needed a proficient marketing campaign but did not have the required budget. When he contacted Esygma, he was surprised by our cost-effective marketing services. Approximately 2 months ago, he hired us for the job of optimizing his Google Business Profile’s ranking in local SEO.

The initial situation of his Google Business Profile was quite dreadful. There was no proper description of the business, uploaded photos, product animation, google reviews, and other necessary information. As a result, the statistics were not adequate since the number of searches and visibility of the profile was next to nothing. After we took the credentials of the Google Business Profile from its owner. We applied several effective Google My Business optimization techniques to boost the visibility of the profile. Some of them are being explained below.

Here’s what we did to Our Client’s Google Business Profile

Writing the Business Description

The first and far most important thing which we did was writing a business description that would effectively explain our client’s business. We made sure that the keywords in the description should be relevant to the jewelry industry to optimize the local SEO.  So if someone searches keywords like “diamond jewelry”, “Necklace”, or “best jewelry store near me”, then our client’s business profile would be sure to appear in the decent ranking.


Google Business Profile


Even though we were allowed by GMB to write up to 750 words, we kept it precise to avoid any inconvenience for our readers.

 Uploading Regular Photos

Another important thing that can boost up your GMB profile’s ranking is to keep uploading photos of your products or services regularly. And that’s exactly what our course of action was. First, we added some photos of the jewelry store itself. After that, we regularly started uploading pictures of the jewelry products such as diamond earrings, golden bracelets, diamond rings, etc.  But we did it with the help of some professional graphic designing and product animation work to make the products look more attractive.

Google Business Profile

We could have added all the photos and animated videos at once but the best approach was to upload two to three media posts regularly, and that’s exactly what we did.

Collected Google Rating and Reviews for our Client’s Google Business Profile

More than 90 percent of people check out a profile’s overall rating and customers’ reviews before visiting or buying from any local brand. By keeping that knowledge in mind, it was one of our prime priorities to collect customers’ reviews and ask them to rate our product on a scale of one to five stars. It not only just helps the new customers to make a good decision, but also boosts up the profile’s ranking by playing a major role in the local SEO.

Google Business Profile


We accomplished this by encouraging every customer to leave feedback after purchasing any of our client’s products. But that’s not all, our futuristic approach to collect more reviews involves creating an interactive wall with a QR code outside the jewelry store. It would allow local customers to leave their feedback regarding their pleasant experience of visiting the store.

Added Necessary Information

Describing your business and adding some relevant photos are not enough information to satisfy the visiting customers. So we added all the necessary information we could to answer all the queries visiting customers might have.

  • The most important information we added was the address of the store, and also uploaded its pinpoint location on Google Maps.
  • Added the official business phone number for local customers to contact for queries and online orders.
  • Connected the official website of the Golden Nugget Jewelry to its GMB profile so that people can know more about them by visiting their website.
  • Included business hours to save people from the hassle of visiting the store at closed hours. It also helps the owner and the working staff from getting any phone calls during their off time.

Even after all this provided information, if people want to know anything else they can ask questions directly in the Questions & Answers section. We have enabled the GMB notification which would notify our client as soon as someone asks a question. So he can provide the answer as quickly as possible to gain customers’ trust and loyalty.

Google Business Profile

Product Information

Besides just providing the photos of jewelry products, we have also added relevant information about the products in the “Products” section of the GMB profile. It contains a photo, a small description, and the price of each product.


google business profile


By clicking on the “View all” tab, you get to the section where all the products are being organized into their relevant categories. It is quite convenient for the visiting customer since he/she does not have to go through the hassle of finding a product.

google business profile


The Outcome

Now you might be wondering, did all that made any difference or not? Well, let’s take a glimpse at the recent statistics and decide for yourself.

As you have witnessed that just by adding some information, but in an effective way, could be quite beneficial for your Google Business Profile. As Peter Ferdinand Drucker (an Austrian-American educator) once said, “Working on the right things is what makes knowledge work effective”.

A Side Benefit of Google Business Profile

GMB provides a feature to its users which tells them about the customer dense regions. So on top of getting improved visibility and a high number of searches. We also get to know where our customers are coming from. And it is a very important feature for geographic segmentation, targeting products or services to people who live in a specific location.

Since our client did not have a big budget for marketing over a large region. We utilized this feature to narrow down some specific regions for target marketing. That way he could gain maximum marketing results with a minimum budget.



Effectively utilizing the GMB tool to improve a Google Business Profile could be very beneficial for any business growth. Despite knowing some ways to improve its visibility, business owners still are unaware of the effective ways to do so. The purpose of sharing our experience is to educate people about how can they boost up their GMB profile’s ranking in a very cost-effective manner. And they can utilize this tool to set courses for other marketing strategies as well.

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