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How to use Google My Business Effectively?

google my business

How to use Google My Business Effectively?

Google is the most visited website across the globe making it the perfect platform to promote your business. It offers a very prominent marketing tool named Google My Business (GMB). Like the rest of the digital marketing tools, it can also help you to boost up your sales and traction to your business website. But unfortunately, many business owners are unaware of how to effectively utilize this tool to gain more visibility across Google.

In this article, not only are we going to introduce you to this productive marketing tool but will also guide you on how to effectively utilize it.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business or Google Business Profile (current name) is a free marketing tool that allows businesses and organizations to make their online presence across Google. It is a user-friendly platform that allows you to provide relevant information such as your business name, services or products, photos, location, etc. It would help your customers to get to know your products, services, or location before visiting your store.

According to a report by Statista, Google got more than 86 billion visits in 2021 which makes it the most visited website over the internet. Hence, having your business profile on the largest digital platform is not just an option but a necessity. If you don’t have a Google Business Profile, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to grow your business up to its maximum potential.

Major Google My Business Optimizing Techniques

Only a handful of searches are being made to look for some specific brand, known as direct searches. Among all the searches across the globe, 84% of them are discovery searches. For example searches like ‘restaurants, ‘mosques in London’, and ‘hospitals near me’ are discovery searches. If someone searches for ‘restaurants near me’, then your restaurant would be lost among the cluster. Hence, your business profile needs to gain more visibility and engagement for business growth.

To improve your business profile visibility and boost your website SEO, there are some effective techniques that you need to know.

Business Description

On the dashboard of your Google Business Profile Manager, go to ‘Info’ and add up a description of your business. It would help your audience to get a better understanding of your business’s nature and its uniqueness. Just make sure to add such keywords that would help the local SEO to boost up your business profile ranking in the search engine. The description can be up to 750 words but it would be better to keep it precise and informative at the same time. Use such keywords in the description that would define your business perfectly.

google my business

Be Informative

In the ‘Info’ section of your profile dashboard, you can add some essential information for your visiting customers. Provide relevant information about your products or services along with unique attributes and amenities that your business provides. Don’t forget to put business hours for your local customers. According to Bright local, 24 percent of actions on GMB listings phone calls. So make sure to provide a valid phone that would be available during working hours.

Google’s algorithm for ranking your business profile would not just depend upon the relevance and proximity but also the quality of information that you are providing. So make sure to keep updating the provided information.

Upload Photos

According to a survey, businesses that add photos of their products and services get 42% more requests for directions than businesses that don’t. So you should upload high-definition photos of your store/office and your products or services. Photos are an elegant and beautiful way to depict your product and are more likely to attract customers. Adding a food menu, logo, thumbnail photo, and product broachers would also be a good idea to upload.

Rating and Feedback

According to a local survey, approximately 88% of people trust reviews of other customers rather than the business itself. And the rating of customers is a major factor in the ranking of your profile. So, encourage your customers to give good ratings and feedback on your product or service on your listing. It is also possible that keywords in feedback could match with the searches and hence would aid the local SEO for booting up your profile’s ranking.

google my business

Frequently Asked Questions

Besides having a feedback section, google provides a Q&A section as well. It helps customers to ask queries related to your product or service. But the drawback of it is that anybody can answer the questions which could mislead your future customers. The solution to this problem is to keep yourself updated with customers’ questions and be on top of Q&A on your profile. This can be done by enabling the “Customer Message” notification in the settings of your profile dashboard.

google my business

Another important strategy would be to ask frequently asked questions related to your business, answer them and post them in the Q&A section. And make sure to use such keywords in the question and answers that would help the local SEO to boost up your profile’s ranking.

Select a Category

As stated before most of the searches on google are discovery searches which mean people search for a product or service. That’s why you need to select a category for your business i.e. electric repair shop, Chinese bakery, hotel management school, etc. So your business would show up when someone searches for a specific category. You can even add more than one category for your business depending upon the number of products and services you are providing. Also by doing so google would present to you category-specific features which would help you create a more effective profile.

You can add it by visiting the ‘info’ section of your google profile dashboard. There are approximately more than 3000 categories to choose from.

google my business

Utilize GMB Insights

The ‘insights’ section on your profile dashboard tells you about how customers find your business. And what actions do they take after discovering your listing? For example, it shows how many people asked for directions, visited the website, or called you after visiting your profile. By analyzing this data you can make use of it to make modifications in your profile for improvement.

If fewer people are finding you through discovery searches then there must be something wrong with a keyword strategy. And we need to make some amendments to our description, Q&A, and feedback.


‘Custom actions’ section shows you the actions of your audience after visiting your listing. It tells you about the location of your customers when they requested directions to your store/office. This tells you where your customers are coming from and helps you in strategizing target marketing.


In this era, only those businesses take charge that knows how to effectively use the technology to their benefit. As a local businessman, you must utilize the GMB profile to improve your visibility on the web. GMB is a very effective marketing tool that allows you to list your business on the largest searched website. In this article, we had explained to you how to effectively use your GMB profile to enhance your visibility. Even though the GMB profile is a tremendous marketing platform. It is just a single tool among the arsenal of digital marketing tools. To take lead in today’s business world, it is essential for you to effectively utilize all the tools of digital marketing.

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