Our team consists of people that are not afraid to think outside of the box and take risks when needed. Our high-flying growth mindset is contagious and our culture and mission is centered on taking businesses to the next-level.

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About Us

Digital marketing

About Us

Big Thinkers with a passion for Growth that is Contagious. Our team consists of people that are not afraid to think outside of the box and take risks when needed. Our high-flying growth mindset is contagious and our culture and mission are centered on taking the business to the next level.

How we started?

Our main inspiration came from a small suburban town in Michigan called Kalamazoo, where our founders attended college. Through their education and exposure, they realized the revolution digital marketing is bringing to traditional marketing and business. At the same time, they observed that small businesses in Kalamazoo are being excluded from availing quality digital resources due to the cash-grab mindset of the Industry. Hence, came up with the idea for Esygma, an affordable digital agency that offers quality digital marketing services at competitive prices, to make its access easy for all businesses.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To democratize high-quality digital marketing services for all, especially small businesses. Therefore, empowering them to compete on equal grounds with larger businesses, in their respective industries, with huge marketing budgets

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

We are not your average digital marketing agency that provides SEO, PPP, and other digital marketing services. We ensure aggressive growth through business consultation and smart marketing strategies that are unique for each business. We make sure to take you to the top of your game and help you lead your industry. We always shoot for the stars!!

What we believe in?

What we believe in?

We believe in numbers and results. Our strategies are data-driven and backed by our intensive research. Each customer is important and unique to us; hence, we assign a qualified team for each business to help you every step of the way. We don’t make contracts and acquire clients but rather make partners and long-term relationships.

Our Leadership

Our young leadership is determined and passionate about making a change in the digital marketing industry and democratizing it for everyone.

Ceo of Digital marketing

Abdullah Qureshi


While doing computer science in Kalamazoo, I noticed the shifting consumer behavior towards digital markets and the sheer unawareness of it amongst small businesses. Yes, the big organizations were shifting towards digital infrastructure However, various small businesses were, and still are, unaware of the changing market dynamic towards digital buying. Consequently, to make things worse digital agencies charge huge sums of money for their services, further depriving small businesses of taking part in the digital revolution. Hence, I decided to help these businesses take on the inevitable digital leap and be a part of the future by having access to quality digital services at affordable prices. So, my goal is to help all the small and medium businesses transition to online markets and therefore, make them sustainable.

CSO of Esygma

George Fludas


Hello, my name is George Fludas, I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois graduating from top public high school in America at the time (Walter Payton College Prep) and went on to graduate from Kalamazoo college with a degree in Economics and also studied Computer Science. So, my goal starting this company with Abdullah was to enhance the digital marketplace and give small businesses the ability to compete with an online presence that rivals major corporations.